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Stone Tables

Have you ever gone shopping for a dinning or coffee table with a specific idea in mind and never been able to find it? Look no further! Here at Kay Stone we have an expert team of craftsmen ready to make you dream table a reality. In addition to our benchtops and vanities services, we also manufacture stone tables.

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One Week
Turnaround Time
From Manufacturing To Installation!
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We know everyone has their own individual style, so we have you be the designer. We give you control over size and stone colour, so that you can design a table that perfectly fits your home or businesses atmosphere. Have us create the table that you have always imagined, but have never been able to find in stores.

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Come by our showroom and browse our extensive samples of stones, ranging from manufactured stone, to marbles and granites. Once you have picked out a stone of your choice our team will help you design a table to your specifications. Our team of highly experienced craftsman will then cut and polish the stone according to the design and assemble your dream table.

For a free quote call (03) 9793 9344 or email info@kaystone.com.au – one of our staff will be happy to chat with you about our stone table making services and answer any further enquires you may have.