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Stone splashbacks

At Kay Stone, we pride ourselves on offering premium stone splashbacks, including glass splashback options, that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of kitchens and bathrooms alike. Our diverse range encompasses everything from the timeless elegance of natural stone to the sleek, modern appeal of porcelain and durable granite splashbacks, ensuring a perfect match for every design vision and kitchen renovation.

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Natural stone splashbacks with timeless appeal

Experience the unique beauty and timeless appeal of natural stone splashbacks. Our collection, recognized for its natural beauty and wide range of colours, brings a touch of the earth’s inherent elegance into your home, making it an attractive option for both kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashback applications. For more details on our stone products, including high-quality granite options and beautiful marble splashbacks, we invite you to explore further on our dedicated page.

Sophisticated marble splashbacks

Marble splashbacks offer unparalleled luxury and sophistication. With their distinctive veining, rich color variations, and reflective qualities, they create an atmosphere of refined elegance. Our marble kitchen benchtops and splashbacks are known for their direct heat resistance and moisture-resistant properties, making them a durable and beautiful choice. Discover the full range of our marble offerings by visiting our marble splashbacks page.

Durable granite splashbacks

Renowned for their durability, heat resistance, and visual depth, granite splashbacks add character to any cooking space. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, our granite selection offers competitive pricing and an installation guarantee, detailed further on our granite splashbacks page.

Versatile engineered stone splashbacks

Engineered stone splashbacks provide a versatile and modern solution, combining the beauty of stone with enhanced durability. This type of splashback is a popular choice for splashbacks, offering an extensive range of colours and a sleek finish. Learn more about how these splashbacks can complement your kitchen by visiting our engineered stone splashbacks page.

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Excellent porcelain splashbacks

For those seeking a sleek, contemporary look, our porcelain splashbacks are an excellent choice. High durability, ease of maintenance, and heat-resistant properties make them suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms. Our range of high-quality porcelain splashbacks and porcelain benchtops offers an affordable price and material guarantee. Explore the benefits and styles of our porcelain splashbacks on their specific page.

Why choose Kay Stone for your stone splashback

Choosing Kay Stone means opting for excellence in both product and service. Our wide selection of stone splashbacks, competitive pricing, and professional team ensure that your stone splashback not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We're committed to providing quality stone, including the finest kitchen splashbacks and stone benchtops, making us a trusted leader in the Melbourne Stone Masters industry.

Custom design and professional installation

Our expertise doesn't stop at offering a broad range of stone splashbacks; we also specialise in custom designing and professionally installing these features to meet your exact requirements. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team ensures a seamless process that brings your vision to life, backed by an installation guarantee.

Maintaining your stone splashback

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of your stone splashback is simple with tips from Kay Stone. Whether you choose natural stone, marble, granite, engineered stone, or porcelain, we provide guidance on keeping your splashback in pristine condition for years to come, ensuring it remains a durable surface and an attractive option in your dream kitchen space or commercial spaces.

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Ready to transform your kitchen or bathroom with a stunning stone splashback from Kay Stone? Our team is here to help you select the perfect material and design to suit your space and style, offering competitive prices and a commitment to market-leading quality. Contact us today to start your project, and let us show you why Kay Stone is the ideal choice for bringing beauty, durability, and style to your home, all while embracing the extensive colour palette and natural beauty of our stone products.

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