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At Kay Stone, our experienced team specialises in transforming spaces across Melbourne with professional stone installation services. We're not just a stone company; we're partners in elevating both residential and commercial projects with stone benchtops, splashbacks, and fireplace installations. Our commitment to quality services, excellent customer service, and a friendly team has solidified our reputation as the go-to experts for high-quality stone benchtops and other stone products.

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Why choose Kay Stone for your stone installation needs?

Kay Stone stands out for our exceptional service, competitive pricing, and an experienced team of professional installers. Our family-owned business values building lasting relationships with Australian builders and homeowners alike, ensuring every project from kitchen benchtops to commercial stone applications achieves refined elegance and structural integrity. Choosing us means opting for a skilled team that prioritises your vision, offering a variety of colours, design options, and the perfect stonework feature for your living space or dream kitchen space.

Choosing the right stone for your project

Selecting the perfect stone for your project is a critical step in creating your dream space. Our initial consultation process is designed to help you navigate our extensive selection of materials, including popular choices like natural stone benchtops, granite benchtops, and porcelain benchtops. Whether you're looking for durability, a luxurious choice, or a unique blend of texture and colour variations, our skilled team ensures your selection meets your aesthetic impact and design requirements.

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Awesome residential & commercial stonework installations

Kay Stone excels in both residential and commercial projects, offering a variety of natural stone products that cater to any design trend or building project. Our stone benchtops, custom stone benchtops, and kitchen stone benchtops are just the beginning. We provide solutions for every area of your home or business, including outdoor applications, ensuring each installation reflects our commitment to elegance with quality and the beauty of stone.

Impressive stone splashback installations

Elevate your kitchen space with our impressive stone splashback installations. Our selection process allows you to choose from a range of products like natural stone splashbacks and marble splashbacks, making every kitchen project an excellent choice for both aesthetic and functional upgrades. Our team, known for their outstanding precision, works closely with you to ensure the finished product perfectly matches your vision and design requirements.

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Top-notch stone fireplace installations

Our top-notch stone fireplace installations offer a perfect solution to enhance your living space with warmth and style. Specialising in natural stone designs and working as skilled stonemasons, we install fireplaces that serve as a luxurious choice and focal point in your home. From natural marbles to granite and porcelain tops, our team ensures your fireplace is a blend of texture, colour, and refined elegance that complements your interior design.

Excellent installations for benchtops & other products

Kay Stone's expertise extends beyond benchtops to a full range of stone applications, including stone flooring, stairs, and window sills. Our selection of high-quality materials, from natural stone benchtops to durable granite and sleek porcelain benchtops, ensures we can meet the unique needs of any project type. Our experienced team, backed by our experience in stone manufacturing and as favourite benchtop suppliers, guarantees each installation showcases exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic impact.

Maintenance and care for your stone surfaces

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your stone installations is simple with Kay Stone's expert advice. We provide guidance on how to keep your stone tops, including benchtops and porcelain tops, looking pristine and mildew resistant. Our family values drive us to ensure you enjoy the elegance and quality of your stone products for years to come.

Contact Kay Stone for expert stone installation in Melbourne

Are you ready to bring your dream kitchen space or commercial project to life with the perfect stone solution? Contact Kay Stone today. Our skilled stonemasons and professional installers are eager to work on future projects with you, offering skilled craftsmanship, a selection of high-quality materials, and a commitment to achieving your desired aesthetic and functional goals. Let us be your partner in creating spaces that embody elegance, quality, and the timeless beauty of stone. Reach out to us for expert stone installation in Melbourne and discover the Kay Stone difference – where your vision meets our expertise for outstanding results.

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