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Porcelain splashbacks

At Kay Stone, our porcelain splashbacks blend beauty with practicality, bringing sophistication to kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. Our selection offers elegance and durability, making them the perfect choice for modern living spaces.

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Why choose Kay Stone's porcelain splashbacks for your kitchen?

Selecting Kay Stone's porcelain splashbacks means choosing an ideal splashback surface known for its heat resistance and polished finish. These splashbacks, with their range of porcelain splashbacks and appeal of porcelain splashbacks, stand out as a smart, stylish choice for kitchen renovations, integrating seamlessly with porcelain benchtops, granite benchtops, and solid surface benchtops. Our porcelain surfaces, celebrated for their durable material and aesthetic appeal, offer an excellent choice for both residential kitchens and commercial spaces.

Porcelain splashbacks: a fusion of art and durability

Our porcelain splashbacks represent the ultimate blend of beauty and durability, an ideal solution for those seeking both artistic design and finishes with practical benefits. Capable of withstanding the rigors of both indoor and outdoor use, these splashbacks enhance your space with their timeless beauty and polished porcelain finish.

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The latest in porcelain splashback designs and trends

Kay Stone stays ahead of design trends, offering an array of colours in A-Grade high quality porcelain sheets and slabs that cater to a wide range of tastes. From bold and dramatic to subtle and sophisticated, our latest designs in porcelain splashbacks set the tone for modern kitchens and bathroom renovations.

Custom designing your porcelain splashback with Kay Stone

Kay Stone is at the forefront of the Australian splashback industry in Melbourne, offering a design creation process that ensures your porcelain splashback is perfectly tailored to your kitchen space or outdoor kitchen. Whether you're complementing natural marbles or contemporary finishes, our expert team works closely with you, ensuring your splashback reflects a choice in style and functionality.

Maximising design potential with porcelain splashbacks

Kay Stone leverages the latest design trends to offer versatile and impactful porcelain splashback solutions. Whether updating a commercial kitchen or personalising your outdoor space, our innovative uses of porcelain can transform any area, making it a cost-effective and durable addition to your renovation.

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Flawless professional installation of porcelain splashbacks

Our meticulous approach to professional kitchen splashback installations ensures a flawless fit and finish. Kay Stone's commitment to market-leading quality is evident in every project, whether it's enhancing a commercial project or personalising your home bathroom. Our competitive pricing and dedication to excellence guarantee satisfaction and a stunning result.

Maintaining your porcelain splashback

Maintaining your Kay Stone porcelain splashback is straightforward, ensuring it continues to be a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. Simple cleaning routines keep your splashback looking new, preserving its aesthetic appeal and functionality over time.

Harmonising porcelain splashbacks with kitchen countertops

Achieving a cohesive kitchen design is effortless with Kay Stone’s porcelain splashbacks. Specialising in harmonising these pieces with various countertop materials, from marble benchtops to granite and porcelain benchtops, we ensure a seamless integration that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

The sustainable choice: eco-friendly porcelain splashbacks

Choosing Kay Stone’s porcelain splashbacks means opting for a product crafted from natural materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. These splashbacks contribute to greener living without compromising on style or quality, making them an excellent choice for those mindful of environmental impact.

Transform your space with Kay Stone's porcelain splashbacks

Consider the transformative impact of Kay Stone's porcelain splashbacks on your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor kitchen. Let us help you elevate your space with the blend of beauty, durability, and innovative design offered by our high-quality porcelain splashbacks.

Start your porcelain splashback project with Kay Stone

Ready to enhance your space with a porcelain splashback from Kay Stone? Reach out today to begin your project. Our expert team is here to ensure your venture is a success, combining our commitment to exceptional service with the timeless beauty and durability of our porcelain splashbacks. Let Kay Stone be your partner in creating a space that’s uniquely yours, marked by aesthetic appeal, functional benefits, and market-leading quality.

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