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Marble splashbacks

At Kay Stone, we specialise in marble splashbacks, a pinnacle of natural stones known for their natural beauty and elegant design. Our marble splashbacks transform any kitchen or bathroom, offering a timeless appeal and a sense of space that only the finest kitchen splashbacks can provide.

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Why our marble splashbacks are a timeless choice

Marble splashbacks from Kay Stone are not just a choice for splashbacks; they're a statement of luxury and durability, particularly in Melbourne. Their heat-resistant qualities make them ideal for modern kitchens and bathrooms, where direct heat and hygiene are key considerations. With a vast range of colors and breathtaking designs, marble stands out as a fabulous addition to both residential kitchens and commercial spaces.

Custom designing your marble splashback with Kay Stone

Kay Stone's design creation process is tailored to meet your specific design specifications, offering a comprehensive range of stone products, including durable granite splashbacks and elegant porcelain splashbacks. Whether for kitchen renovations or new builds, our team of experts works closely with you to ensure your marble splashback is a perfect reflection of your dream space at a competitive price.

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The best marble varieties for splashbacks

Exploring the wide range of marble varieties, Kay Stone presents options from traditional splashbacks like beautiful marble splashbacks to innovative choices like fabricated stone splashback and Porcelain Splashbacks. Each variety, with its unique palette of pigment designs and reflective quality, offers something special for kitchens, laundry splashback areas, and even bathroom splashback applications.

Expert installation of marble splashbacks

Kay Stone's installation process for marble splashbacks is meticulous, ensuring a seamless fit and flawless finish in every space, from commercial kitchens to luxurious bathroom vanities. Our dedication to quality workmanship is evident in every project, regardless of the type of materials used, be it solid surface materials or traditional glass splashback.

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Maintaining your marble splashback

Maintaining the natural beauty of your marble splashback is straightforward with proper maintenance advice from Kay Stone. We emphasise the hygienic features of marble, making it a popular choice not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its practicality in both kitchen and bathroom environments.

Design inspiration: marble splashbacks in modern homes

Marble splashbacks are versatile, making them suitable for a variety of applications beyond just kitchen benchtops. From solid surface splashbacks to Stainless Steel Splashbacks and Tiled splashbacks, marble integrates seamlessly, enhancing the natural beauty of any area it adorns. Our array of sizes and custom options makes marble a natural choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their dream spaces.

Marble splashbacks: combining aesthetics with functionality

Kay Stone marble splashbacks combine reflective quality and durable material, making them an excellent material choice for splashbacks in any setting. Their resistance to heat and direct heat makes them not only beautiful but also a practical choice for modern kitchens and even commercial spaces where durability and hygiene are paramount.

Cohesively matching marble splashbacks with countertops

Our team at Kay Stone excels in cohesively matching marble splashbacks with countertops, offering advice on combining various types of splashbacks and countertops for a harmonious design. Whether pairing with Stone Benchtops, Marble Benchtops, or any solid surface countertop, we ensure the combination enhances the overall aesthetic and functional value of the space.

The Kay Stone advantage: expertise in marble splashbacks

Choosing Kay Stone means opting for exceptional quality in natural stone materials. Our dedication to crafting beautiful marble splashbacks, coupled with our competitive prices and comprehensive range, makes us the ultimate choice for those seeking to create dream spaces in both residential and commercial kitchens.

Start your marble splashback project with Kay Stone

Embark on your journey to incorporate a marble splashback into your space with Kay Stone. Our commitment to exceptional quality, array of stone products, and dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that your project, whether it involves bathroom vanities, kitchen benchtops, or splashbacks for kitchens, is realised with unparalleled craftsmanship and beauty. Contact us today to explore the fabulous additions of marble splashbacks to your space, and let our team of experts help you achieve the ultimate in kitchen and bathroom design.

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