Why Choose Stone?

Why Stone Is Such A Popular Choice For Kitchen Benchtops And Bathroom Vanities


Looks stunning

No material compares to stone's exquisite complexity and depth of colour. Your stone kitchen or bathroom creates the perfect balance of sophistication and warmth in your home. Don't you deserve a kitchen and bathroom you love to be in?


Great for entertaining

The kitchen is not just for cooking; it is the heart of your home. The hub of family life and a place where guests congregate as you prepare dinner. Your gorgeous stone kitchen will impress your friends nearly as much as your cooking!


Hard-wearing, looks fantastic for decades

If you look after your stone kitchen or vanity benchtop, it will look as beautiful ten years from now as it does the day we install it for you! You will still be enjoying your stone kitchen and bathroom long after your laminate-buying neighbour's benchtop is again looking tired and in need of replacement.


Adds value to your home

According to realestate.com.au, stone benchtops are one of the top five features home buyers look for. Cheap-looking laminate benchtops create a terrible impression with discerning home buyers. Stunning stone benchtops make a great impression and hold their value exceptionally well.


Best value surface

Due to the much longer life of stone benchtops, the cost of owning them divides out to less per year than many of the 'cheaper' options.