Stone Maintenance

How To Keep Your Benchtop Looking Like New


Although stone benchtops are exceptionally hard-wearing and heat resistant (particularly granite and engineered stone), they are not indestructible! These tips will help protect your dream kitchen or bathroom surface from unnecessary wear and tear.

• Only use cleaners specifically designed for stone benchtops.
• Do not place hot pots or pans directly on your benchtop.
• Do not drag pots or pans across your benchtop. If even a tiny bit of grit is under the pan it can scratch the bench.
• Wipe up wine, ink or oil spills immediately - especially on natural stone. Although all our benchtops are sealed on installation, these spills can penetrate the surface over time.
• Do not use your kitchen benchtop as a cutting board.
• Be careful to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on your benchtop
• Be careful with acidic juices as they can break down the sealant on natural stone. Wipe it off immediately with clean water.
• Do not stand on top of your kitchen benchtop or vanity!


All natural stone is porous to some extent. If untreated, stains can penetrate the stone. We seal all our natural stone benchtops so, instead of being absorbed into the stone, spills will bead on the surface. Pay attention to the points mentioned above because some substances can break down the sealant and leave your benchtop exposed to stains.
Your benchtop will need to be resealed periodically. We can do this for you or supply you with a home resealing kit.


Stone is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. For day-to-day maintenance all you need to do is wipe the benchtop with a cloth and clean water. For a more thorough clean, use KAY Stone's 'benchtop maintenance kit.' Do not use normal household cleaners, especially acidic or abrasive ones, on your benchtop.


If your benchtop gets cracked, chipped or stained call KAY Stone immediately to organise a service call. Or, if you would prefer to fix it yourself, we can supply you with an approved repair kit.