7 Reasons To Consider KAY Stone

7 Reasons To Consider KAY Stone For Your Kitchen Or Vanity Benchtop
  • Honest and knowledgeable advice
  • I believe that if we focus on being the best quality Stonemason, for the lowest possible price we don't need to "sell" you anything. Instead, the focus is on informing and advising you how to get exactly what you want for the best price possible. Then all we need to do to get your business is strive to genuinely be your best option!
    We listen to your concerns and needs to ensure you get your kitchen or bathroom done exactly the way you want it. . . Even if this involves procuring stone we don't normally stock.
  • Much better value than other companies with comparable quality
  • As mentioned previously, we keep our focus on doing quality work so our reputation does our 'selling' for us. We don't have a huge showroom in an expensive location, we don't have a team of sales reps, we don't have an expensive advertising campaign. You are only paying for products and services that have a direct impact on the quality of your job.
  • Setting a new standard for quality in Australia
  • Our dream is to bring the same standard of excellence to Australia enjoyed by countries with a long tradition of Stonemasonry like Turkey and Italy. Here's how we are doing it:
    • Customised, 3-dimensional design to compensate for your walls or cabinets not being square.
    • State-of-the-art machinery.
    • Attention to detail.
  • Professional full time partners and employees - no subcontractors
  • We keep tight control over the quality of workmanship. Many of the our Stonemasons are partners in the business with a stake in maintaining our reputation. Others are outstanding Stonemasons we have taken on as full-time employees. We do not contract out work because that makes it impossible to ensure the standard of excellence we are committed to delivering to you.
  • Your benchtop will be installed within 14 days of receiving templates
  • There's nothing worse than half-finished renovations due to unreliable tradesmen. We guarantee to have your benchtop installed within 14 days of receiving the templates from your cabinet-maker. You get to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom quickly with minimum hassle.
  • We treat your home with care
  • We treat your home with as much care and respect as our own homes – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Fully itemised invoice
  • We are completely transparent about what you are getting for your money. You know exactly what you're paying for and how much each item costs. Many companies bundle everything together, under-quoting one part of your job but overcharging you on another. We don't play those games.